In the battle against cancer, it is crucial to implement as many defenses as the arsenal has to offer. Usually administered alongside high dose vitamin C infusions, high doses of artesunate have statistically demonstrated serious benefits to patients battling cancer.

As cancer cells absorb high levels of iron which then reacts with oxygen, this accelerates their mutation rate and increases oxidative stress and the formation of DNA-damaging free-radicals. Artesunate stimulates mitochondrial cell death (apoptosis) in specifically iron reactive oxygen species production. In simpler terms, the artesunate reacts with the iron inside of the cancer cells and creates free radicals which attack the cell and cell membrane from the inside out, thereby killing the cell.

Given that artesunate seeks out those high concentrations of iron unique to the cancerous cells, the artesunate infusions directly target cancer cells without affecting normal cell function. The high dose vitamin C treatments then provide direct support to the healthy cells to bolster their resistance and keep patients at their strongest from the inside out.

An increasing dearth of evidence for the efficacy of Artesunate and vitamin C IV’s continues to emerge. In one study on patients with Stage IV breast cancer, the control group exhibited a 74% survival rate after one year, while the IVC + Artesunate treatment group demonstrated a 90% survival rate. Furthermore, in a double-blind study on colorectal cancer patients, apoptosis of greater than 7% was demonstrated in 67% of the treatment group compared to 55% of patients in the placebo group.