Chelation Therapy

Over time, our bodies accrue a collection of heavy metal deposits that simply do not belong inside of us. These deposits may have a dramatic impact on our biological functions and well-being. This can be especially dangerous when elements like lead, iron, arsenic, and mercury are present in higher concentrations than normal. Chelation therapy may provide a solution to pull these toxic metals out of your system and give your body a fresh start.

Before your visit, we will conduct a blood draw to determine the presence of heavy metal poisoning in your system. During the IV drip, the infused compounds (usually EDTA) bind to the metals in your blood, which then circulate through your body to be passed out in urine.

There is evidence to suggest that removing these heavy metals from the body may lower the risk of, or even prevent, heart events and disease. According to a 10 year study completed in 2012, an 18% reduction in heart events was realized in the treatment group. Among patients with diabetes mellitus, there was a dramatic 41% reduction in those heart events, including a 43% reduction in deaths over 5 years.

Benefits of chelation therapy may include an improvement in heart health, reduction of free radicals through anti-oxidizing effects, a decrease in pain and swelling, protection against cognitive disorders such as Alzheimer’s, multiple sclerosis, and Parkinson’s, and more!