Event and Party Prep

Event and Party Prep

Get energized for the big event while protecting your body and mind from the dreaded morning-after hangover.

Make sure you are weekend ready with our Party Prep infusion, designed to invigorate and provide essential vitamins and minerals depleted by alcohol consumption. Our Party Prep bag features a range of B vitamins for sustained energy throughout your night. The infusion also replenishes Zinc and Magnesium levels to prevent a harsh awakening the next morning. We mix these, and other vitalizing ingredients, into a hydrating 1 Liter bag of saline solution to keep your body hydrated through the night of indulgence.

LIV has specifically calibrated this treatment as a “Weekend Warrior” elixir to help you make the most of your fun nights without worrying about painful mornings.

What is this for?

Hangover Prevention
Sustained Energy for the Party
Pre-Clubbing & Bar-hopping
Festival Preparation
Before Office Parties
Event Preparation