MSM Therapy

MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane), a naturally occurring compound found in nerve tissues, skin, joints, and hair represents the body’s most important source of natural, metabolic sulfur. In order for the body to function at its optimum capacity, the presence of nutritional sulfur is essential in creating the hormones and enzymes necessary to regulate metabolic processes. With sulfur deficiency, the body is incapable of producing and rebuilding healthy cells, which makes us more susceptible to pain, allergies, and other illnesses until the balance is rectified. MSM IV therapy may help fix those sulfur imbalances and assist in relieving pain, inflammation, and allergic reactions.

Infusing MSM intravenously offers a number of potentially significant benefits to patients, including anti-oxidizing effects, immune boost, reduction of inflammation, decrease in joint & muscle pain, improved digestive health, protection and preservation of skin health, decrease in allergies, promotion of hair growth, and more!

Even for patients suffering from conditions with chronic pain, MSM may provide a legitimate path to relief. The compound has been demonstrated to offer some relief for the following conditions: Neuropathic pain, back pain, whiplash, headaches/migraines, fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis, Lupus, Allergic rhinitis, sclerosis, and chronic fatigue.