Personalized IV Hydration Treatments

engineered to boost energy, beautify
and redefine the heights of
health & wellness.

IV Hydration & Nutrient Therapy

Personalized IV hydration treatments are engineered to boost energy, beautify skin, and redefine the heights of health and wellness. Most noteworthy, the LIV Hydration experience includes special care and a setting where clients can relax and refresh their bodies in a soothing environment.

Low Cost Visits with Rachelle Rodriguez, FNP

Rachelle Rodriguez, has over 15 years as a Board Certified Family Nurse Practitioner, with a strong background in oncology, orthopedics, and has specialized in Integrative Health with Nutritional IV Therapy for the past 8 years. She is excellent at hunting down the underlying cause of symptoms, and providing integrative therapies, specific to each patient to reach maximum results, restoring them to optimal health and vitality.

Medical Weight Loss

Over a third of American adults suffer from obesity, so many of us would love to lose a few pounds (or more) of excess body fat. Medical research has made significant strides in the last few years, and the path to a healthier more confident you is closer than ever.

Anti Aging Treatment

The inevitable march of time affects us all. This can be frustrating as we notice its unforgiving impact on our energy levels, mental acuity, and overall quality of life. Although aging may be unavoidable, we at LIV Hydration are determined to ensure that your age is truly just a number.

Chronic Illnesses

Cancer represents one of the most destructive diseases that afflicts our species today. Nearly everyone has a story about how the condition has affected their lives or the lives of loved ones. Part of what makes this disease so sinister is the lack of a decisive cure. We offer some natural treatments that have shown positive results.

Soft Tissue & Joint Injections (Biologics- under IRB Research Protocol COMING SOON!)

LIV offers biologics under IRB research to treat a myriad of conditions. Typical treatments are simple, safe, do not require anesthesia, and take about the same time as a regular office visit. Biologics are currently being used in a number of medical applications


Renew the body, refresh the mind, and restore performance in the soothing serenity of our IV spa. Our professional staff provides fast-acting IV treatments to deliver an individually calibrated nutrient bath to the bloodstream. For improved energy and athletic performance, younger, healthier skin, increased productivity at work, or simply a space to relax and recharge, LIV’s holistic approach to IV hydration may hold your solution.

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