Is the Antidote IV treatment better than the flu shot?

Is the Antidote IV treatment better than the flu shot?

Flu season is here… ugh

When there are nutritional deficiencies in the body, a variety of symptoms may emerge: we feel our mind slow, our energy levels drop and our general motivation decrease. By replenishing these vitamin deficiencies at the most basic cellular level, we boost the bodies ability to perform at its optimal capacity. As these nutrient levels are augmented, the body can effectively prevent or alleviate the physical symptoms and ailments of the flu.

Viruses and bacteria will cause stress on the body therefore decreasing the vitamin/nutrient storage and production will decrease the immune system’s ability to fight. When this is decreased, there will be an increase of cold and flu symptoms. The flu tends to linger on for several weeks and the person may not feel “back to normal” until those weeks are over.

The Antidote IV Treatment for Cold & Flu:

By increasing vitamin and nutrient levels in the body, it will be able to perform at it’s greatest ability, decreasing all the signs and symptoms of being sick. For best results, take the Cold & Flu Antidote for two consecutive days to ensure that the body’s cells are fully reinforced to fight the illness to its maximum capacity.