Benefits of Hydration

Benefits of Hydration

As (adult) human beings, we are approximately 60% water. With water being such a large part of a human’s body, it is vital for humans to stay hydrated. Staying hydrated helps the body restore and maintain its balance of fluids. Many of us are dehydrated and don’t even know it. By hydrating your body, you can renew and reinvigorate yourself! Hydration can also have various other health benefits, such as:

Staying Hydrated helps lose weight
Water activates a body’s metabolism and starts burning calories, which promotes weight loss. Drinking a glass of water increases an individual’s hydration, far more than a carbonated soda which has tons of calories, and makes you feel satisfied and full. To increase your metabolism, drink plenty of ice cold water, which burns extra calories because the body needs to warm up the water, throughout the day.

Staying Hydrated can give you more energy
Staying hydrated will increase your energy levels throughout the day. A common symptom of dehydration is feeling tired or drained, always feeling fatigued. Staying hydrated helps the blood distribute oxygen and other vital nutrients throughout the body. When dehydrated, a body’s heart must work harder to pump out blood, causing wear and tear.

Staying Hydrated can lower your stress levels
While 60% of your body is made out of water, approximately 85% of your brain tissue is water. Without proper hydration your mind and body will be out of sync and stress will follow. Your body has a very efficient way of alerting you that you need water, you will feel thirsty, letting you know that it is dehydrated. A good way to relieve stress is taking a plethora of small sips of water throughout the day and calmly taking a few mindful breathes.

Staying Hydrated promotes muscle growth
While you should understand that all muscles need water to work properly, staying hydrated actually allows an individual to exercise longer. Building strong muscles requires energy and stamina, which are both gained by staying hydrated. If a body is dehydrated, then it runs the risk of having its muscles cramping. By staying hydrated you can prevent muscle cramps as well as lubricate your joints all throughout the body.

Staying Hydrated nourishes your skin
The benefits of hydration include the smoothening of your skin, as water is nature’s skin cream. Drinking water hydrates a body’s skin cells and makes one’s skin younger and healthier. Hydrating your skin cells also provides other benefits such as: pushing out impurities in your skin, improving circulation and blood flow, and making your skin look beautiful.

Staying Hydrated supports healthy digestion
A common problem that occurs with age, is having trouble passing food and drink. While fiber is essential part of digestion, staying hydrated is just as important for a healthy stomach. The water in your stomach helps by breaking down food and drink to ensure their smooth transition into your digestive tract. Without enough water, your body would absorb all the water it could from the food or drink you have ingested, making your bowel movements difficult and uncomfortable. Staying hydrated will ensure that your digestion system is working properly.

Staying Hydrated helps prevent kidney stones
Another common problem that occurs with age are kidney stones, although they can form in anyone. Drinking plenty of water and staying hydrated will dilute the salts and minerals in your kidneys, making them easier to pass. In a dehydrated body, those salts and minerals build up and are more difficult to pass, causing a greater risk for the formation of kidney stones. To help prevent kidney stones and some other ailments, stay hydrated.