While it is possible to obtain vitamins orally, IV therapies optimize their impact by delivering the nutrients directly to the bloodstream. With an oral intake of vitamins, between 40 and 60% of nutrients are lost through bodily processes in the digestive tract and liver. In bypassing these natural filters, IVs effectively boost the nutrient absorption rate from 40-60% to 100%.

As doctors like to say, “you’ll feel a small pinch” in the initial moment of IV insertion, but before your procedure, we apply a non-toxic, topical numbing agent to almost completely erase any discomfort. The therapy itself is painless and ensures increased hydration & circulation, muscle protection against deterioration, and the removal of toxins.

Most of our therapies incorporate a complex B vitamin in conjunction with other multivitamins proven to support healthy teeth, hair, skin, vision, nervous and immune system functionality, metabolism of carbs/fats/proteins, and muscle pain. Visit our Therapies page for more information on the specific ingredients in each of our treatments.

Our treatments vary in length, but most are between 20 minutes and an hour.

We do not accept insurance and will not bill insurance providers. However, we are happy to provide you with an itemized statement including diagnosis codes for you to submit to your insurance. But bear in mind, they may regard our services as “elective prevention and well-being services” outside the range of their usual disease treatment coverage.

You can book an appointment through our Appointments page, or over the phone at 949.835.4073.

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