Hydration, Cosmetics, and LIV

Hydration, Cosmetics, and LIV

Skin Care Cosmetics Hydration
IV hydration is a direct, effective way to supplement your existing beauty regimen.

Hydration and Cosmetics

It’s no secret that hydration represents a major focal point of product-development for the cosmetics industry. One needs to look no further than Clinique’s best-sellers page: of the top 10 products listed, 7 explicitly mention “hydration” or “moisturizing” in the name or description of the item. With evidence of the earliest moisturizers and lotions appearing thousands of years ago, the importance of hydration with respect to skin care is not a new discovery. However, medical and cosmetic advances have only refined and perfected on this core principle that our skin requires hydration to thrive.

Clinique’s Top Seller

Clinique’s best selling moisturizer, the “Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief,” boasts 24-hour dryness protection for skin that “is plumped, dewy, glowing – from the inside out.”  With Moisture Surge, Clinique has targeted skin health BELOW the surface with hyaluronic acid, replenishing the skin’s moisture reservoirs that diminish as we age. The result: hydrated, silky skin with a (literally) deeper level of health.

The LIV Commitment

At Liv, we couldn’t agree more that the path to better skin requires an “inside out” approach, which is why we’ve developed our “Skin Glow” IV infusion to do just that. By providing amino acids like Proline, Glycine, and Lysine directly to the blood stream, your skin cells receive crucial support in developing new cells. This stimulates collagen buildup and ensures that the cells are able to effectively retain water. We also include a substantial dose of Vitamin C, which plays an important role in collagen synthesis. Vitamin C also primes the cells to more efficiently process the Glutathione push we include at the end of the treatment. Glutathione has been declared a “master”-antioxidant by the medical community, and the compound plays an important role in mood & sleep regulation while also boosting energy and soaking up harmful oxidants that deteriorate your skin quality.

Get Glowing!

Although your cosmetics products may be getting the job done, nothing more directly impacts your skin’s health than IV treatments. We’ve meticulously crafted our Skin Glow infusion with the above nutrients and vitamins (among others) to help you realize your peak in skin health. Let our IV infusions support your current beauty regimen, and realize the difference when you Liv Life Rejuvenated!