Neight’s Cancer Journey: Chapter 4 – Adopting Alkalinity

Neight’s Cancer Journey: Chapter 4 – Adopting Alkalinity

Alkalinity is a beneficial treatment against Cancer as it has been shown that cancer cells cannot survive in an alkaline environment. Studies have shown that in the test tube, cancer cells and tumors thrive and grow in a more acidic environment. When the level of acidity is lowered, tumors grow much more slowly. If this behavior occurs in the test tube, it stands to reason that cancer cells in the body would also be detrimentally effected by an overall alkaline environment. It would also make sense that if the body’s pH is acidic, then the growth of cancer cells and tumors would be encouraged. By eating mostly foods that make the body’s pH more alkaline, it has been shown that when the pH is 8.5 or higher, the cancer cells cannot survive and grow. So, by adjusting our diet, it is actually possible to create a less hospitable environment for cancer cells. And by strengthening our immune system, it is clear that we are improving our chance of experiencing good health.


At a nearby Farmers market (preferable) or a Whole Foods Market or wherever you can get organic greens, get a fresh bunch of each of these, kale (green and/or purple kale), swiss chard, large leaf greens, collard greens, wild greens, or any other leafy greens. It is important to blend (not juice) the vegetables with water and ice. I like to add ginger, celery or cucumber, cayenne pepper, turmeric, flax seed oil, cinnamon and any other supplements that I have on hand. The healer agent in this green drink is Prana (life force energy) in the leafy greens or vegetable. Prana is the key factor here and it manifests in Phytonutrients. The Phytonutrients have those life-promoting nutrients you can get only from plants, and they support our health in countless ways – guarding our cells against free radical damage, giving you a boost of energy and vitality. In order to actually get the Prana nutrition, it is important to drink it within 30 minutes of making it. Powdered green drinks have a lot of nutrients, but they don’t have the Prana, which I think is the most important part.


I get my water from a local place in Costa Mesa called the Water Brewery. I always get the highest pH content that they carry and add minerals to the water. I try to drink as much alkaline water as I can throughout the day. I’ve heard that you should drink half your body weight in ounces. I weigh 150lbs, so I need to drink 75 ounces per day of alkaline water. That’s how I set my daily goal.

With my first glass of water in the morning and my last glass at night, I always add a teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) to reduce acidity and increase alkalinity. I use a product called Phour Salts by a company called pH Miracle which I highly recommend. I also chase those glasses with another product called QuintEssentials Mineralization. It’s a vial of minerals farmed from an ocean reef that contains trace elements of the entire periodic table harmonized to the bioterrain. I really can’t explain what it exactly it is, but I know it’s healthy and really good for you.


The Wim Hof method is the one that I really adapted and find it to be quite alkalizing to a cellular level. Within 15 minutes, you can actually gain control of the immune system related to the autonomic nerve system and it also works on the energy management of the cell. It gives us more mitochondrial activity in the cell which in the end is performance and you can learn to control it. Watch the video, or better yet, close yours eyes, listen and feel the process for yourself Wim Hof Technique Video. The results are instant and you can even test your urine on a pH strip before and after doing this breathing method. The results are amazing! I personally, like to practice it everyday while I’m taking my coffee enema. It really helps the process. But that will be another story…


I LOVE coffee for many reasons, the taste, the energy, the warmth, I can go on and on… but ever since adopting the alkaline lifestyle, I had to make the decision to stop drinking it. It is acidic and I don’t want all of my other efforts that I am working so hard for to be diminished just because I need the energy in the morning. So what I do now, is drink unsweetened Matcha tea. It is warm and frothy, I like to add coconut cream to it to give it a little extra sweetness. I know it’s not coffee, but is a great alternative for those of you trying to wean off the black Kool-Aid.