Competitive Edge

Competitive Edge

Preparation and/or recovery for athletic competition.

What is this for?

For pre-gaming the competition or recuperating post-match, this formula is designed for athletes who absolutely cannot compromise on their performance.

This formula has been carefully calibrated to ensure you get the most out of your physical activity. Whether that means rehydrating and relieving soreness after a 5 mile run on the beach, stocking your body with vital, energy-increasing nutrients before the big match, or helping you realize your gains in the gym, our Competitive Edge therapy delivers. We’ve included the full range of B vitamins (B5, B6, B12, and B-complex) as well as minerals and key amino acids to boost energy and catalyze growth hormone production, meaning faster recovery, improved rebuilding of stronger muscle cells, and increased production of hormones like testosterone. The inclusion of carnitine burns additional fat by facilitating the transfer of fat to energy-producing organelles in your cells. All of this and more gives you the edge you need to compete at your best, whether on the field against your opponents, or in the gym against yourself.

Suggested Uses

Post-workout soreness
Lactic Acid Build Up
Weight Lifting

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