Hangover Remedy

Hangover Remedy

What is this for?

Relief from the devastating pain of overindulgence. The miracle hangover remedy.

It’s an all too familiar feeling for many of us… the stabbing, throbbing pain behind the eyes, the crippling nausea, the dire need for sunglasses. Fortunately, the root of the hangover can be traced to a single, central cause: dehydration. But the Hangover Remedy does far more than hydrate. This life-restoring infusion replenishes your body with crucial vitamins and minerals depleted after a night of partying. You also receive a pain reliever and anti-inflammatory, in addition to nausea-reducing medication and a healthy dose of anti-oxidants. For good measure, we include a range B vitamins and minerals for a boost of energy to last you into the evening. As the staggering pain dissipates, you’ll find the morning after doesn’t have to define the day.

Suggested Uses

Acute Alcohol Withdrawal (Hangover)

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