IM Shot Bar

IM Shot Bar

Introduction:   Stress, diet, environmental pollutants, and exercise can all cause a decrease in nutrients that are essential for our bodies.  IM injections can be a quick and effective way to address these imbalances and deficiencies. Whether you need to correct a deficiency, or get get a boost of energy, we have you covered.  We can tailor your injection to your needs. Individuals that may benefit from our injections would be those desiring: athletic performance/recovery, immune support, skin support, pain, detox support, energy, or NAD to focus on cellular health and anti-aging

Toradol – pain

Zofran – anti-nausea



Testosterone injections are for hormone replacement.  We require lab work prior to any injections

Many times hormonal imbalances  are the root cause of many symptoms: fatigue, weight gain, loss of muscle, depression, erectile dysfunction, skin changes, low sex drive, hair loss, memory loss, infertility, irritability, etc.  


Sunshine Shot (Vitamin D3)

Detox Support

Immune Support

Sometimes people require a greater degree of nutrient support than can be achieved with a Myers’ cocktail. Perhaps they are fighting an acute infection or feel run down or have been exposed to some potentially harmful environmental or infectious toxins. In these cases, our Immune Formulas can be of benefit. They include many of the same ingredients as are found in Myers’ cocktails, but in greater amounts to provide enhanced support. These IVs typically require 90 minutes.

Athlete Perform (pre-workout)

Athlete Recover (post workout)

Mind/Brain Sharpener/Clarity (requires two shots)

Hormone Support

Chill Out

Slim Shot

Skin Support  (requires two shots)


NAD/Mitochondrial Function Support


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