Ali A.

I had the flu. So I went there to get my IV. I sit in a nice lounge with warm blanket and comfortable chair watching Netflix relaxing. It was a great experience. Very nice and professional staff. I highly recommend it.

Melissa N P.

When you have had 5 too many drinks and wake up feeling like you may die, just do it! Worth every penny. Very professional and kind staff, clean, and quiet.

Pritam K.

It was our first visit for high dose vitamin C IV, it was executed nicely the staff is very kind and generous. Thinking of High dose vitamin C can fight cancer cells, we would plan more visit in coming days.

Kurt R.

I have been coming to Liv IV for almost two years. Honestly, each experience is better than the last. The staff is always so kind and informative. They truly take their time and make you feel very comfortable. The atmosphere is very peaceful and they offer an array of snack and beverages while you infuse. I come here before any big trip and it always sets me up for success.

Vi R.

This place is a life saver! Had a fun-filled weekend and I was desperate for my husband to feel better after a bad hangover. I called in the same day and got us in the same day.   And while he’s sitting getting his IV, I decided to get the skin glowwww!!! Thank you, Dr. Salem and staff!! Will definitely be coming back! (hopefully not for a hangover IV next time!) hahaha!!

Mattias A

This place is great. Very clean and professional staff. I came in after landing from a long flight. I came out feeling 100 percent. Would recommend to anyone who is looking to recharge their batteries.

Thanh P.

I came here after feel crappy all week after cochella and it was amazing!. The staff is super helpful (especially Wesley) in picking right cocktail for my needs. I know i have gluthione and vitamin B deficiencies from micronutrients test so I have been looking for a place for a while. I’ve also heard many great things about gluthione and this place is so reasonablely price that I am definitely going to be a regular. Wesley help me set up room with Netflix, warm blanket, reclining chair, snacks. The needle didn’t hurt at all with numbing spray. Very clean and professional place with skilled staff.

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