IV Hydration & Nutrient Therapy

Personalized IV treatments are engineered to boost energy, beautify skin, and redefine the heights of health and wellness. The LIV Hydration Therapy experience includes special care and a setting where clients can relax and refresh their bodies in a soothing environment. 

PAIN & DIGESTIVE HEALTH by Rachelle Rodriguez, FNP


Joint Injections – We provide joint injections using more natural injectables that boost your body’s own healing processes by helping address issues of inflammation, stiffness and pain. After an evaluation and exam by our nurse practitioner, we will determine which options will provide the best outcomes for your specific needs. Possible injection therapies include:

  • Lidocaine & Traumeel – Lidocaine is a local pain reliever and Traumeel ® Injection Solution is a homeopathic injectable indicated for the treatment of symptoms associated with inflammatory, or degenerative processes from either acute trauma, or overuse injuries, as well as helps with stiffness and pain of arthritis.
  • PRP – Platelet Rich Plasma is derived from your own blood. The provider will draw your blood then use a centrifuge to separate the platelets from the other blood components. These platelets and regenerative proteins, when injected back into the injured joint or tissues speed up your body’s own natural healing processes. It is safe, with no reactions to the injectables as this is taken from your own blood.
  • Biologics (aka Stem Cells) – Biologics have the ability to develop into different types of cells, providing an internal repair system to help repair damaged and inflamed cells where ever they are injected.
  • Dextrose Solution – It is known that hypertonic dextrose solution can dehydrate the cells in the injection area, cause local tissue trauma, which attracts healing properties and triggers healing to the damaged area.

Trigger Joint Injections – Trigger points are the painful “knots” in the muscles. These are often in the neck, upper back, shoulders, or even the lower back. They can occur after overuse, injuries, and can be present in fibromyalgia.  We can inject trigger points with a solution of Lidocaine and Traumeel to help break up those knots while providing pain relief and anti-inflammatory effects to help the tight and spasming muscles to relax, providing relief.



Spheno Palatine Ganglion Block – Using a Spheno Cathether®, a needless therapy that sprays Lidocaine, a numbing medicine up in to the superior, posterior nasal cavity, providing numbing to the nerve bundle that is responsible for pain sensations in the head and face. This is excellent treatment for tension headaches, migraines, and trigeminal neuralgia. Usually a series of three to five sessions provide significant migraine relief. Then monthly maintenance of once or twice monthly, depending on your headache pattern continues to provide relief. This topical source of pain relief is effective and can avoid the need for oral medications that have other side effects.

Migraine IV – This is a Nutritional IV that contains a specialized mix of nutrients and non-opioid pain medications, and hydration to provide relief for those tough migraines.

Evaluation to Root Cause of Headaches – Scheduling a consult and exam with the nurse practitioner will help dig into the possible underlying causes for the migraines. This might be due to nutrient deficiencies, musculoskeletal triggers, hormonal triggers, gut absorption disturbances, or food sensitivities. After we identify these root causes, we can then intervene with natural therapies to balance out your system and help relive those debilitating headaches.



We specialized in identifying and correcting disruptions in digestive or ‘gut’ health. Uncomfortable symptoms of decreased absorption patterns, such as constipation, diarrhea, bloating, gas, reflux, etc. are evidence of ineffective digestive processes. We can do specialty blood testing to assess current nutrient status, as well as gut absorption patterns, and then make customized recommendations with nutrients and IV Nutritional Therapy to help heal your gut, and get you feeling amazing again.


FOOD SENSITIVTIY TESTING – Often those annoying, lingering or recurrent symptoms that you may be suffering from are actually the body’s immune response to allergic triggers. These nagging or recurrent symptoms can include things like nasal rhinitis or often labeled “allergies”, headaches, any gut discomfort such as irregular bowels, cramping, gas, belching, and flatus. Other recurrent symptoms can include recurrent joint and muscle stiffness, pain, or edema, skin rashes, brain fog and fatigue. We can help identify which food or chemicals that your body has been repetitively exposed to that has then formed antibodies that react with these unwanted symptoms. We do a blood test called LEAP MRT Food Sensitivity Testing to help identify those reactive foods then work with you on implementing an elimination diet to remove those triggers and thus reduce the frequency and/or intensity of those symptoms.


IV NUTRITIONAL THERAPY – We specialize in IV Nutritional Therapy. We offer several IV nutrient bags, often customized to your specific needs for immune support, gut healing and restoration, as well as High Dose Vitamin C.

Genova NutrEval Specialty Lab Kit – assess your nutritional status, detoxification, heavy metals, cellular energy, etc.

Medical Weight Loss

While a third of American adults suffer from obesity, many of us would love to lose a few pounds (or more) of excess body fat. Medical research has made significant strides in the last few years, and the path to a healthier more confident you is closer than ever at LIV.

Aesthetics & Anti-Aging

The inevitable march of time affects us all. This can be frustrating as we notice its unforgiving impact on our energy levels, mental acuity, and overall quality of life. Although aging may be unavoidable, we at LIV are determined to ensure that your age is truly just a number by providing an array of treatments that will benefit you.

Chronic Illnesses

Cancer represents one of the most destructive diseases that afflicts our species today. Nearly everyone has a story about how the condition has affected their lives or the lives of loved ones. Part of what makes this disease so sinister is the lack of a decisive cure. We offer some natural treatments that have shown positive results.


Biologics – COMING SOON!

LIV offers biologics under IRB Research to treat a myriad of conditions. Typical treatments are simple, safe, do not require anesthesia, and take about the same time as a regular office visit. Biologics are currently being used and researched in a number of medical applications

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