Why IV treatments are best for you

IV therapy

Why IV?

Our IV treatments primarily feature vitamins, minerals, and compounds naturally produced in the body, many of which can be purchased in any pharmacy as oral supplements. So why bother infusing intravenously?

1. Hydration: Recent studies have shown that up to 75% of the American population may be under hydrating themselves. Every one of your body’s functions, neurological, digestive, physical, and otherwise, relies on water to perform. By administering vitamins in a saline solution intravenously, your cells receive the hydration they need as efficiently and effectively as possible.
2. Convenience: It’s true, maintaining optimal hydration levels is possible through drinking water throughout the day. This, however, takes a lot of discipline and planning, as drinking too much water at once means less absorption, and can damage the digestive system. The infusion of hydration directly to the blood means taking substantial pressure (literally) off of your digestive tract.
3. Peak Absorption Rate: Taking oral supplements, we only absorb 30% of the compounds we ingest. Because these vitamins must go through the digestive tract before they enter our bloodstream, we lose a significant portion of those nutrients. With IV therapy, the absorption rate leaps to 99% (or higher!).
4. The Detox Effect: While we do have a specific “Detox” infusion, all of our IV treatments will help release harmful toxins from your body by flushing your system with hydration. This keeps your kidneys and GI tract healthy and operating at their highest capacity